As a travel nurse, you’ll obtain many different state licenses throughout your career. Some states are much easier to get licensure in than others, so you’ll want to plan ahead for assignments. Talk with your recruiter to create a game plan of where and when you’ll want to travel to different states. 

Does Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc. reimburse for licenses?

We do not reimburse for licensing as we put the most we can into your hourly rate. However, your licenses can be written off on your personal taxes. 

According to the IRS publication 529:  "You can deduct the amount you pay each year to state or local governments for licenses and regulatory fees for your trade, business, or profession."

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Nurse Licensure Compact States

A Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) state is a participating state in the compact state alliance, allowing any nurse who resides in one to practice in the 24 states. To be eligible for this, you must have proof of residency in one of the compact states as well as a current, active RN license in that state. 

Arizona   Maryland Rhode Island
Arkansas Mississippi South Carolina
Colorado Missouri South Dakota
Delaware     Nebraska Tennessee
Idaho New Hampshire Texas
Iowa New Mexico Utah
Kentucky North Carolina Virginia
Maine North Dakota Wisconsin


Walk-Through States: 

A Walk-Through state is one that will issue a temporary license to any nurse within one day while waiting for a permanent license. These temporary licenses can be valid anywhere from 30 days to six months. 

Idaho New York Vermont
Indiana South Carolina  
Missouri South Dakota  


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Information on Other States

- Alabama

- Alaska: Average processing time is currently taking 4-6 weeks. 

- California: Average processing time is taking 3-6 months currently. 

- Connecticut

- Washington DC: Average processing time is taking 30 – 45 days currently. 

- Florida

- Georgia

- Hawaii

- Kansas

- Louisiana

- Massachusetts

- Michigan

- Minnesota

- Montana

- Nevada

- New Jersey

- Ohio

- Oklahoma

- Oregon

- Pennsylvania

- Washington

- West Virginia

- Wyoming